Hello everyone!

I just uploaded an update to Lingotopia that fixes several bugs, most notably you should no longer be able to get stuck while speaking to characters in Japanese.

Apart from that:

-Esperanto, Lithuanian and Norwegian had missing characters in the font.
-Items in dictionary should no longer overlap
-Japanese dictionary no longer displays particles as NT(topic marker), but as "topic marker".
-When learning the word for boat, the boat will stop moving. I always thought it looked kind of cool if it sailed off screen, but this should be clearer.
- No longer will words you don't know be marked purple and translate as "ERROR" when learning Japanese.
-Walking citizens speech bubbles display a little longer.
-Sound volume slider now affects audio recording volume as well.
- Player collider is smaller so you should no longer get stuck as easily.

There'll be more bug fixes coming this weekend, then I'll have another look at the player movement.



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