Lingotopia 1.03 P1


A new update with several bug fixes is live.

  • Turkish special characters are now rendered properly.
  • Player was able to jump on top of objects like the market stall.
  • No longer are the red words to learn made bold when learning Japanese and Chinese in their native scripts. More complex characters became difficult to read.
  • It was not possible to learn the word for piano, guitar and drums.
  • Player speed no longer depends on performance.
  • When talking to people, two of the three options to click on were sometimes the same word.
  • When talking to people, sometimes one of the options could be the word "don" or "t" (the game was actually splitting the word "don't".
  • Voice recording volume has been levelled further.

In addition to this, I have further improved the camera, so that it's easier to make small adjustments.

I'm now going to begin working on some exciting new features, you'll hear from me again soon.



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