Lingotopia 1.1 out now!

Lingotopia 1.1 is out now! 

To celebrate the release Lingotopia is also 15% off for one week!

This is a free update for those of you who own the game already and includes many new features, languages and bug fixes. Here are some of the changes:

  • Multiple save games allow you to learn more than one language at a time. 
  • There are many new words to discover by exploring the city. Some of them will be available on your first play-through, however, some of them will only be visible after beating the game and starting again with your existing vocabulary.
  • There is more cause and affect for your actions. You'll also be notified when your answer to a question changes the game's story. 
  • New languages! You can now learn Arabic by playing the game! There are also many more community translations. Tlingit, for example, is an endangered language spoken in the USA and Canada.

I'm going to continue to support Lingotopia by working on bug fixes and perhaps also some new features. But will now devote most of my time and attention towards my next language learning game. It's a smaller project that should be done by early next year.

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Hi! So, it's a really cool game, and I'm using it to help my Japanese studies, but, after the first few conversations, dialogue stopped appearing when I talked to people. The questions and answers would still appear, but not the actual dialogue. Also, whenever I click on the menu or dictionary buttons in the top right corner, nothing appears, but the camera stops following the character. Any advice on how to avoid these issues? I'm not really sure what I should do :( I'm playing on a Mac. Thank you!